The Bossa Travelers – a family of 4 living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that hit the “pause” button in our everyday lives to travel around the world.

Leticia –

I had the idea of this trip when I traveled to Asia in 2008 for work and met a family from Seattle that was sailing around the world for 2 years. I thought it was amazing that they could do that and when I came back home, I shared the idea with Chris. The actual plan and itinerary has shifted a lot since then and back in 2012 we were ready to do it but ended up buying a house instead (!). Of course there was always something in the way of taking time off from work and school…We are glad the universe conspired to allow us to decide to execute our plan this year. When I am not daydreaming about the trip, I am in technology sales and business development. I have been in technology for many years but graduated in Hotel Management, which actually helped me with this travel bug that I have. I am looking forward to visiting New Zealand and Australia, which have been on my travel plans for a number of years. I know we will need a lot of discipline to keep the kids studies on track so that they don’t miss the school year. But I am mainly looking forward to having quality time with my family, way from the every day distractions that consume us, this is really the reason for this trip.

Panama Canal

Chris – 

My world opened 30 years ago when I studied abroad, twice. Since then, I’ve enjoyed everything from weekend trips to backpacking journeys with friends and family. I’ve lived and worked overseas which is how I met my wife, Leticia, in Brazil. After 15 years of marriage, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than a family trip around the world! My professional life breaks down into two areas: the first half as a financial services professional and the second half (since 2010) as a teacher and coach for middle/high school students. While I won’t be in the classroom this year, I will homeschool our children and answer questions like: What does it feel like to bungee jump? Can I fake an Aussie accent? What creatures will I see scuba diving GBR and Indonesia? Are the temples of Cambodia and Myanmar surreal to visit? How spicy is Indian food? Will Laos be my favorite stop (friends say yes)? Do we get lost in Bangkok? And so many more  of these unknowns to be experienced and shared! As the great Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa, once said, “I know not what tomorrow will bring.”

Great Barrier Reef Bonus


Sebastian – 

Hi! My name is Sebastian; I am 13 but will turn 14 some time while we are in Southeast Asia. I play lacrosse and soccer – both on defense. My hobbies include gaming and collecting sports cards. I am a diehard San Francisco 49er and Giants fan. Our trip around the world is EXTREMELY exciting for me because I think that it will make me a better person both mentally and physically. The one place that I am very enthusiastic to go to is the famous and amazing Great Barrier Reef.  I will miss my friends, family, Tinka (my 14 year old Labrador), and my sports teams as well as my home (we call it the Monkey House).


Louisa – 

I am Louisa and I am 11 years old (soon to be 12 when we are in Australia). I like to play volleyball and soccer for sports.  I also enjoy braiding hair in different styles (I think I’m pretty good at it.) My favorite color is blue and my favorite animal is the zebra. I am really excited for the trip because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience and learn about different places and people. I’m most excited to visit Australia & Thailand. I just became certified to scuba dive and want to explore the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. But most of all, I’d like to ride an elephant in Thailand! I am really going to miss my house, friends, and family, but I know I’ll have a FANTASTIC time!



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  1. Parabéns a essa familia maravilhosa!!! Muita sorte e tudo de bom!!! Vocês vão fazer a viagem dos sonhos de muita gente. Aproveitem muito essa experiência enriquecedora. Mandem notícias sempre.
    Abs pra Leticia, Chris, Sebastian & Louisa.
    Antonio Adolfo & Ana Luiza,

  2. OMG you guys are too cute! All of you will have an amazing trip of a lifetime and memories to cherish. So incredibly happy for you!!

    I wish you all the best! Explore, eat stuff you never tried at markets and vendors on the street, talk to locals, go where they go and hang out and live with nature. Be bold and enjoy!


  3. So excited for you all, can’t wait to follow the adventure.

  4. Go, Bossa Travelers, go!!
    EStaremos acompanhando as viagens de vocês, Pilar sobretudo, muito interessada em todos que também têm “gulodice geográfica” como ela!
    Beijos e bon voyage!

  5. Fantastic! We will miss you so much but are very excited to follow you on this once in a lifetime adventure. Life is a journey and not a destination. Safe travels! Mmmoah. xoxo

  6. So excited for you all- can’t wait to follow you The Bossa Traverlers – Hope I join you in the spring wherever you might be – lots of love and travel safe.

  7. I am so proud to be your friend! You are a role model family for me! All the best! Great fun and adventure!
    mil beijinhos
    Gabriela (Porto & Vienna)

  8. Lee and I are so thrilled that you are going on this fabulous odyssey !
    We look forward to sharing the adventure with you through this blog!
    Xoxo Grandy

  9. When Alden and I were dating, he casually mentioned wanting to take kids out of school and sail for 6 months or more. At the time, I was open to the idea but since we weren’t married and didn’t have kids, it was difficult to give a considered response. Fast forward to today; we are married with our girls, 9 and 10. We have your adventure to follow as well as that of our friends who bought a 50 foot boat and are about to embark on a journey similar to yours, but by sea. Could we be next? Bon Voyage

    “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.

  10. To my dear, dear friends and intrepid travelers,
    My spirit and soul are with you on your adventures and the gift of life experiences to yourselves… Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures!!!
    A little jealous — OK, tremendously envious (!!!),

  11. Maravilhosa viagem Bossa Travelers, vou adorar viajar junto lendo o diário de vocês ! Beijos e carinho Paola

  12. Que delicia poder acompanhar essa aventura de voces por aqui. Aproveitem cada minuto dessa experiencia maravilhosa . Que inspiracao voces sao!
    Beijo enorme, Fabiana, Juan, Sofia e Bella

  13. Giselle Lopes Krambeck

    Oi Letícia,

    Que emoção saber dessa grande aventura !!! Tenho certeza que será uma viagem inesquecível para vocês. Minha irmã acabou de me contar e não acreditei !!!! Parabéns pela iniciativa de vocês 4 !!!! Que vocês tenham muitas experiências maravilhosas !!!! Vou acompanhar vocês pelo blog. Amei !!!!

    Saudades! Beijosssss Gi

  14. Keep functioning ,terrific job!

  15. Charlie Winslow

    I wish I were going on a would tour with the Gammill Gang. I have a cousin You Ang Briggs, who came to America as a refugee during Vietnam war. My aunt and uncle Briggs adopted him and now he is a big marketing guy for Heineken. Long story short lets arrange a meeting for the big Loas adventure. He is living in Phnom Penh. he is a bit of a wild man, but soon to be married so perhaps has calmed down. You will definitely like my friend Ken Wottowa of Puket. Oh the places you’ll go.

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