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Yoha! Sebastian and Louisa here…

Louisa’s Latest Blogs:

– Agra & Taj Mahal!

– Stargazing Camel Safari!! ⎮ Thar Desert, Jaisalmer

– Koh Lanta ⎮ Beach, Eat, Beach, Sleep, Beach!

– Back 2 Bangkok! ⎮ Louisa, the Negotiator

– Siem Reap, Cambodia ⎮ A Day at the Temples…

Botanical Gardens – Singapore

Nusa Penida | Volunteering

Great Barrier Reef & Surf School

– Bronte & Bondi Beach

AJ Hackett Bungy Jump

Arthur’s Pass & Brewery Cafe

 Westport & Cape Foulwind

Geyser & Taupo

New Zealand

Sebastian’s Latest Blogs:

– Vishnu the Saviour – Comic book review

– The Jain Temple in Ranakpur

– Birthday Recap

We Went to Bagan

– ESCAPÉ! *voice of Dory from Nemo*

Ho! Ho! Ho! from Indonesia

Hello Steve!


Australian Beaches

Tree in the RV

Cape Reinga

4 Responses to Kids Blog

  1. Mrs. Laurie Creech

    Sebastian and Louisa,

    I am SO excited for you both and totally jealous! It’s great to be able to follow you on this exciting journey. And, it’s super cool to have sweet faces to match to your voices. Have a blast and I can’t wait to read all about it!!!!

    Mrs. Creech

  2. Mrs. Munroe Britten

    How fun that you have traveled to so many places!!! It’s amazing! Guess what? We have something in common! I am also Brazilian! I am from Fortaleza. I will check in from time to time to see your amazing journey! Safe travels!

    Mrs. Munroe Britten

    • Mrs Munroe,
      Bem vinda ao nosso blog! Que coincidência. Vamos terminar a viagem pelo Brasil também. Abraço, Leticia (Sebastian’s mom)

  3. Hi Louisa!!!! Everything your doing looks soooo cool! I can’t believe how many beautiful sights you are seeing and experiencing! You and your family are so lucky to be able to experience these amazing and different cultures all around the world! I miss you soooo much! Have fun and live in the moment wherever you are because this is a journey you will never forget!!! Love, Tess

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