Greetings to all Tinka Lovers!! This is our special area for all things Tinka. Please take a minute and add a story that you have about our favorite dog. If you like, email with some pictures and we will post it up for you. Thank you!

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  1. Greetings,
    We have been sad and sorry, Tinka may you RIP. Tinka has been one of the friendliest most well behaved dogs we have ever met. Her love of swimming in the water was priceless, we are remembering the time in Sanibel Island, Florida, as if it was yesterday. Seeing her enjoying the beach and swimming in the ocean for hours is our favorite memory of one happy dog. Spending time together ( Leti was absent working) in Lake Placid, Florida, on Lake Clay was another water splashing fun time with this awesome buddy. Once Tinka spotted the beautiful swimming pool which came with the ‘ Monkey House ‘ you were sold and bought the house. We still think Tinka did all the convincing that you made this home your family nest. Tinka was the best water dog in the world! We will miss you, Love Rob, Jeanette and Erik XxOo

  2. We’re so sorry for your loss. Tinha and our Isabella left us at the same time and I didn’t have the heart to write earlier.
    I remember when we had Tinknfor a weekend in our home in Florida. We opened the yard door for her to used the bathroom and she did. Two seconds after she jumped in the pool! She started to swim laps! Dan and Anna went to the pool to play with her. After 2 hours they got tired but Tinka was still happily swimming her laps. She did it for one more hour. Than she came inside and took a nice long nap.
    She was a fantastic dog! Fun, sweet, cuddly, loving, funny… One of the best dogs we’ve ever met!! She will be dearly missed.
    Lots of love to all of you!!

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