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The Dudley Life

Senior Cabin: Hamilton

Senior Cabin: Hamilton

In case you don’t know the Dudley cheer imagine this being hollered by 400+ people on the opening day of the oldest (since 1885) all boys camp in America:

D-U-D-L-E-Y / Whitewashed cookies, chicken pie / Pink music, pickeral fry / Westport, Westport my oh my / All ye campers stand in line / take your hats off just like mine / (really fast) Bevo, bivo, boom get a rat trap bigger than a cat trap, bevo, bivo, BOOM!


This was my 4th summer at Dudley and sadly, my last as a camper. Like many before and after me, I am lucky enough to have gone every year starting as a Cub, then a Plebe, Junior, and this summer as a Senior. I’ve had cool leaders every summer and it feels like each summer only gets better than the one before.

My team at Dudley - Wensley

My team at Dudley – Wensley

There is usually one team sport or game in the morning and the afternoon. Sometimes after the sport you played with your team you do a major. You choose 3 types of majors: arts, team, and individual. If today you only have one major you have choice time after team sports. lets give an example of a typical Dudley day. You and a new friend walk into the cafeteria and sit at your cabin table, you ask the person sitting next to you if you could see the schedule. you see on the schedule the latest news, your first activity, and your second activity. Your first activity is soccer against your rival team. Then you look down the paper and see choice time written on it. You look at the very bottom of the first page and see that every activity is open besides tennis and archery. after your sport you and your friend go to swim point to jump in the lake. After 50 minutes of having fun, you here the lunch horn and head back up to the dining hall. After lunch, you repeat the process again, except that you have a 45 minute rest period. Here is a link for more: Dudley Day

Now I am in the process of applying for the leadership ranks. It starts as an Aide which is fun because the Aide works in a cabin but also gets to play sports and do activities with the Seniors – a big WIN in my opinion! After Aide comes Junior Leader (JL), Assistant Leader (AL), and then Leader. My goal is to continue to rise through the leadership program over the next few years so that I can continue to have these awesome summer blasts at Dudley.

Dudley Hymn Sing

Dudley Hymn Sing

Every Sunday night, the entire camp sits on the floor, back-to-back, and sings songs both loud and soft that include the cheer, the Dudley Hymn, and others that you would know like Amazing Grace or Study War No More. It’s a great time to be together and reflect on the special times we enjoy at camp. You can use this link to see a video: Dudley Hymn Sing

Dudley is the center of my life. I feel that whenever I am doing something that is remotely similar or close to Dudley it makes me happy. I practice the Dudley motto, the other fellow first, at home and every day when I get the chance to express it. My whole summer revolves around Dudley and I cant imagine a life without it.

Reuniting with my sister, Louisa, and her friend, Rose - both Kiniya girls!

Reuniting with my sister, Louisa, and her friend, Rose – both Kiniya girls!

Sri Lanka’s Kokomo

Imagine Kokomo (song by the beach boys) except in Sri Lanka. Arugam bay is the place! We got to be lazy for what was planned to be 5 days but ended up being 9! The only thing you do there is swim in the beach, eat, nap, and eat. You can take a doze on the hammock where the hotel restaurant is and wake up an hour later with nothing in your mind. The awesome Galaxy Lounge where we stayed provided some fun games we played like Trivial Pursuit (good brain game), Uno, Apples to Apples, cards, and puzzles! We completed two of the three puzzles, which were quite large!

The waves were also really big so there was plenty of surf. Good thing, the Galaxy Lounge provided a boogie board that we used to catch the waves.


The co-owner, P, was very friendly and loves comedy and jokes, like me! He would always come over to us and share some and riddles and jokes, and occasionally, a funny video. Here are some of them…            1) A man arrives outside of a hotel with a car and at that moment realizes he is bankrupt. How come? Answer: He was playing Monopoly!             2) Romeo & Juliet are lying in a room. Romeo is unconscious, Juliet is dead, and there is broken glass and water all over the room. What happened? Answer: Because Romeo is a cat and Juliet’s a goldfish!             3) A man lives on the 20th floor of a condo building. Every day he presses the lobby floor button on the elevator to go to work every morning and the 10th floor button when he returns home after work. And walks the rest up. Why? Answer: He is too short to reach the 20th floor button.             4) There is a river next to a telephone box. A man inside the telephone box is dead and his arms have gone through the windows on both sides of the telephone box. The receiver is hanging. Why? Answer: He described a big fish that he caught in the river.


The food we had there was really good too. The staff cooked us two amazing barbecues while we were there with curries, dahl, fish, and prawns. P also baked a really good chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. We loved the food there so much that we got a recipe for the Lentils Veggie Burger and the cookies so we could make them at home!

Vishnu the Saviour – Comic book review

The comics in this book are entertaining to read. You remember some of the characters such as Shiva, one of the top 3 gods in Hindu with Brahma and Vishnu; Shiva is otherwise known as the destroyer. These stories are adventurous and teach you life lessons. Here are a few samples from the book:



For example, there was the story of the boy who meditates his entire life to the god Vishnu. Vishnu comes down from the heavens to visit and help the boy with his quest to be reborn as the King’s son. The wish is granted and the boy lives many years in this role before rising to the heavens to sit next to Vishnu.



A second story is about a boy’s father that was in a duel with another man. Unfortunately, the boy’s father lost. The boy trained and grew up longing to defeat the man that dueled his father in order to free his father from the punishment of the lost duel. The punishment was drowning to near death that is similar to the water boarding torture that the CIA conducted on captured people. The good news is that the boy in the story later duels against the ruler and frees all the men whom the ruler beat and they no longer have to live with the burden of torture. I hope that our government no longer does this inhumane treatment either.