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Botanical Gardens ⎮ Singapore

One of my favorite parts of Singapore (mommy calls ‘the city of the future’), is the wonderful Botanical Gardens. I am pretty sure it’s one of the largest I have ever visited.

The first part of the garden is the Health area; it shows all different kinds of plants that can help cure different things. There are so many plants coming from heaps of other places around the globe! We saw plants that cure things from headaches, urinary infections, or even the measles and bronchitis! Some even help eliminate cancer! You usually don’t think that an ordinary leaf can help cure those things!

After the Health area, we visit the tropical forest where there are lots of nice trees. There is an indoor rain forest that is cool and misty after a long walk to get there! This area kind of reminds me of home in Florida too.

Then, (this is my favorite part) we walk to the orchid area!! Once I set foot in this place, my mouth drops wide open! There are so many words floating in my head that describe this huge home for orchids — amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, lovely, attractive, enchanting, appealing, delightful, irresistible, fascinating, and most of all COLORFUL! Orchids are my favorite type of flower so this feels like heaven. There are SO MANY different colors and varieties!! Well, I immediately pull out the camera and start taking photos (as though the orchids are movie stars and I’m the paparazzi). I could just stand and take photos of this one orchid forever and when everyone told me to keep moving, the same would happen to the orchid right next to it! Literally, I am amazed and impressed with how many orchids there are in the botanical garden! There is one section in the orchid garden for famous people who have visited. Some of which include Princess Diana and the Duke & Duchess, William & Kate. I take plenty of photos of those too! Since I have been learning a lot of neat things in my photography class in school, I take advantage of it as you can see!


Singapore Botanical Gardens


my favorite flower!



Princess Diana’s orchids


Mom & Dad


Because I’m happy!

Singapore is a fine city!

After the 3 weeks we spent in Indonesia we flew on AirAsia to Singapore. Already at the airport you start to get the feel for how organized and clean everything is. We headed to the Holiday Inn Atrium for a (almost) free stay thanks to our hotel points. Kids were all excited to be in a nice and comfortable hotel and they had their own room down the hall from us. A bit of independence and separation after 4 months of travels is certainly positive. We unpacked and relaxed, while everyone got connected to the super fast wifi and then headed to dinner at a nearby food court with plenty of food stalls to choose from.

To my fellow Brazilians who love shopping malls, Singapore must be a dream destination. I have never seen so many malls in my life. It is one next to another with plenty of shopping and amazing food to please any taste. I also thought I had visited some foodie places already (i.e Melbourne) but Singapore is right up there with a diversity of restaurants to please anyone from anywhere.

We spent a day around Marina Bay, which has incredible views of the city. The Marina Bay Sands is quite remarkable and we all loved the Gardens by the Bay. Also had some delicious dim sum nearby and visited the very interesting Da Vinci: Shaping the Future exhibit at the ArtScience Museum.

The following day we had lunch at The Tanglin Club, which is the sister club to the Olympic Club in San Francisco. From there were walked to the Singapore Botanic Gardens (separate blog post to follow) and all the way to the famous Orchard Road (more malls!) and watched some street performers and the city lights.  Did I mention how amazingly organized and clean Singapore is? Quite impressive to see. It is indeed a fine city – you get fined if you litter or smoke in public, or even if you do not flush public toilets after using it.

Our stay in Singapore felt short, we could have easily stayed for an entire week as we were quite impressed by the city, the food, the sites and the diversity of cultures. Unfortunately it is also an expensive city but we found that the food and transportation (mainly taxis) were very reasonable for us, budget travelers. Most definitely a place to visit again in the future.


Gardens by the Bay


Marina Bay Sands


Marina Bay