Monthly Archives: April 2021

2021 A new era begins…

Before I jump into a 3,500 mile journey, I’d like to share an awakening that restarted the Bossa Travelers blog. For 6-years, I did not document many life experiences of our family. This has been partially due to laziness, a desire for perfection and to making time to write. What did not stop was time….tick…tick…tick…it kept on going!

I detest the “I didn’t have time” excuse. Everyone has time to do what he/she wants. It’s your priorities that determine whether you stay in touch with family and friends, attend the reunions or social gatherings, and yes, dedicate to personal development including your health, wealth, and well-being. I could not begin to calculate the time wasted surfing internet sports, politics, world news, recipes, and who knows what else. Nonetheless, it is great to be back to start sharing our lives again and I will try to prioritize this blog as well as staying in touch as we move forward to a brighter light in a post-Covid-19 world.

Just as a personal reminder so that I don’t forget, over the past half-decade of time, our children have successfully survived high school at Westminster Academy in Fort Lauderdale and embarked on their college experiences. Leticia and I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Spain, another to France to visit Louisa who was studying abroad, many small trips to Central America including Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. The kids returned to Dudley/Kiniya and appreciate the value of hard work (and $$$ earned) in the restaurant industry. There are many fun stories to catch up on but first, I’ll start in the present. Enjoy the ride – 3,500 miles of it over the course of the last week. – Cheers!