Holy Goldy Lakes or Love? It’s Blue City Baby!


The Blue City of Jodhpur

Desert driving is fun for the first hour…then it lulls you to sleep…and after hours on end you learn that everyone tires out! So for all the moms and dads out there, remember that even when you’re the guy driving the family on that roadtrip to Uncle Buck’s (Tom Candy movie), we all get tired on the road.


Not our bus thank goodness!

And so we landed in the Blue City of Jodhpur at the rejuvenating Devi Bhawan which is a lovely escape within the city. Quiet, peaceful, great staff, decent food, large rooms, and ba-da-dum – a nice pool to stay cool! Fancy that and we took full advantage of it after our daily excursions.


Devi Bhawan

The highlight of the Blue City is Fort Mehrangarh (meaning sun god fort in Rajasthani) that looms over the city in a super-size-me way. At 5 centuries, it is the most impressive fort in Rajasthan. You drive up a hill to reach it and are mesmerized by the walls that are 100+ feet high and 70 feet wide; in fact, they have built a zip line on the backside (no we didn’t). Once inside, the museum tour as you walk around the rooms of the fort contains some of the best artifacts we’ve seen from prior royal rulers. We learned that descendants are in control of the fort management which is both good and bad as they reap the benefits (e.g. revenues) while the general population receives the trails (tourist hawk shops).



Back in the pool, we connected with an Aussie family from Phillip Island (near Melbourne) and sure enough found some traveling friends in David, Bhavani, Jazmin, and Isabel. They were on holiday and same ages as Sebastian & Louisa so we ended up meeting again throughout our travels in Rajasthan. I’ll let the rest of the family share those experiences but it certainly points out, yet again, how much fun traveling the world can be and how easy it is to make new friends from nearly anywhere – including the desert!


We left Jodhpur happy with our new friendships and impressed with the strength of the Blue City for our furthest spot in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer (a few clicks from the Pakistan border).

Here are a few local folks showing off their cool turbans:




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