Marlborough Wine Tasting

Unbeknownst to the Bossa Travelers, we took a circuitous route from the ferry to Nelson, New Zealand (in honor of vovo Nelson) that placed us in the heart of Marlborough wine country! This area is similar in weather (albeit colder) to Napa and let it be known that our only day in the 3 weeks of travel that it has NOT rained! What a stroke of luck – I oohed and ahhed at the sight of grapevines and tastings to be had. We spotted one of the recommended wineries from the sommelier at Jean-Georges in NYC named Nautilus. “We must stop,” commanded the driver and we did. After a warm introduction and full tasting (I love their sparkling wines), we had broken the ice so to speak. Our adventure took us in loops around the area sampling several vineyards upon word of mouth (or view). After some time, my designated driver, Leti, made the last call for me at Hans Herzog; he has by far the biggest wines that I had yet tasted this side of New Zealand and I was impressed with the variety as well as great tips as we head to Australia. I can’t wait for our next roundabout drive near a wine area. Cheers!Malborough DSCN1143 DSCN1144 DSCN1149


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