Arthur’s Pass & Brewery Café


Snowy Mountains


Arthur’s Pass Falls


Arthur’s Pass Mountains


Our Camper and BIG Mountains

We went on a hike called Arthur’s Pass and it was SUPER cool! It was a rocky falls and it was very pretty with snowy mountains in the background! It was a cool hike over there too.  There were lots of steps in the beginning and then it got a bit uphill. Afterwards, it went pretty level for the rest of the way.

We went to the Brewery Café yesterday and it was excellent! Mommy and dad had a date night that night so they ate there together. I got to pick out mommy’s outfit, do her hair, and her make-up! It was so fun! When they were finished eating, mom and dad called Sebastian and I to eat dessert! Sebastian had a Double Chocolate Brownie and I had a Pavlova! Yum!


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