Australian beaches

For the first time in the Florida Gammill’s history we went swimming the arctic currents of Antarctica being pushed towards Australia. And let me tell you… IT WAS COLD!!!! Floridians would be shivering their nuts out! In the plus side we saw a lot of fish, coral, and surfers. to be honest, now I want to learn how to surf because it was so cool. “Maybe you could learn while we are in Australia or if we get back to Florida” was my moms reply. It took a while but we eventually got mom to go in the water. Not to mention it took an effort to get everyone in the water. Even yourself! They had a saltwater pool and I swear (the day before we walked around in that beach) I saw one of those bottom feeder sharks that sucks at the bottom of their mouths. It looked to be about 2 foot 3” and we looked for it today but could not find it anywhere. It was fun having the GOPRO, Louisa and I took ALOT of underwater #selfies. We took videos of fish and us jumping into the water! not to mention, this blog post is a little late today is 11/2/14. Well anyways, Louisa’s Birthday is coming soon on the 9th. I know what I will get her but I wont say just in case she see’s this post 😉 I cant wait to go diving in the Great Barrier Reef in less than a week from now! I’ll write soon!


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