Captain Cook’s Discovery

We were warned that the Port Douglas to Brisbane drive would be long and tortuous including roadside signs like ‘Mom, are we there yet?’ or ‘Free coffee in 5km to keep you awake!’ But did we listen? Nahhhh! And quite frankly, I’m glad we didn’t because we would have missed the Billabong Sanctuary (see Leticia post) and the cute sister towns of Agnes Water & Town of 1770 {the latter after Cook’s initial landing in Australia}.

Nearly 250 years later, this continues to be a great escape with beautiful sun rises and sunsets – both over the water. Our plan to stay just one night turned into 3 as we quickly fell in love with the area. Leti and I took a few walks and drives to explore the area and we discovered hidden beaches and a sweet sunset beer spot.

But it’s not like we had it easy either; how often have you had to switch hotels in the same city? I doubt you’ve done that 3 nights in a row! A slight inconvenience thanks to Brisbaners escaping the G20 Leaders meeting but we are glad that we were able to find a place each evening. Our 1st night at an eco-farm, La La Land, was cool and close to town. The 2nd night won best location (100 meters from beach) but I draw the line when having to sleep next door to chain smoking families. Best for last was our final night at Cool Bananas hostel: a full dinner with fellow world travelers and sleeping in a shared bunkroom, a first for Leticia and the kids.

One Norwegian group of 4 women are traveling the world in 6 weeks! Ouch! They organized their trip through a travel agency back home that put them together and they only met at the Oslo airport upon departure! Can you imagine doing that? I love the different perspective with various cultures.

Most definitely the highlight was watching Sebastian & Louisa surf; they were hanging ten, riding da waves like it was nothing! Totally amazing how quickly kids pick it up. The surf instructors were impressed of the youngest in the group and they were also the only ones with their own rashies (swim shirts). Born to surf baby!!

This wonderful little place obviously impacted us and we all gave it a big Yoha! I was talking with Sebastian about our trip the other night and asked him about “change.” More specifically, whether he felt like he has changed since we started this journey 2 months ago. The cool thing was that his response had nothing to do with the actual things we’ve done (bungy jumping, surfing, etc.) but everything to do with perspective on life. In other words, his vision of the world has changed. I know this is true for each of us and will continue to change even more as the journey continues. New experiences + new perspectives = Awesome!


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