Ho! Ho! Ho! From Indonesia.

The way we spent Christmas in Indonesia is the staff in Madak Belo made a big dinner to everyone who was staying on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The dinner in Christmas eve was grilled fish, mash potatoes (not as good as moms on thanksgivingJ), and some bread with a creamed topping on it (there’s a word for it but I forgot it). It was very good. The dinner in Christmas day was good too! But before that….. PRESENTS!!!!!! Each Louisa and I got 2 presents, I got a book -The Catcher in the Rye- Louisa got Insurgent; the 2nd book to the Divergent series. On top of that, I got a new swimsuit and Louisa got a new scarf. All in all we had an inexpensive Christmas present wise. That day we played a lot and went snorkeling at the beach. Then we ate dinner. For dinner they served sweet and sour chicken.


I finished my book in 2 days!! I loved it was really good. (You would like it Erik). Louisa finished insurgent after a few weeks.

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