Facts: 58 Days – 6 flights, 2 Boats, 2 Trains, an RV & Car – Airbnb + Motels + Hostels


Great Barrier Reef: Scuba & Snorkel

Flinders Ranges & Cool RV

Sydney & Sue

Blue Mountains: Three Sisters

Asian Noodle Festival

Port Douglas Outrigger

Bronte Beach & Dog

Qantas airport lounges

Chris & Leti                                                    Sebastian & Louisa

  1. Wine tasting Barossa & Clare Vales                                  1.  Surf School
  2. Bicycling Melbourne & Adelaide                                        2.  Australian Zoo
  3. Town of 1770 & Agnes Water                                               3.  BOUNCE in Adelaide
  4. Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney                                           4.  GoProing Fun
  5. Sydney Opera House Concert                                              5.  Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Day

But we couldn’t stop there so the Top A Lot continues…

  • Louisa: Billabong Sanctuary, Birthday Dinner in Port Douglas, Blue Mountains Hostel and Three Sisters, and the Art Gallery in Melbourne

  • Sebastian: Apollo Camper, swimming with turtles, glass bottled Cokes and the Giants World Series Win from a pub in Leura Blue Mountains

  • Leticia: Food markets, Noosa Heads, and JP Gaultier exhibit in Melbourne

  • Chris: Scuba Dave, Big Brother house in Perth, Hurricanes with Louisa, and Pier jumping with Mel & Liam

…and what we won’t miss…

  • The human flies!
  • Scheduling DBAs & Exams for school
  • Expensive cost of living
  • Smokers (e.g. Mango Tree Hotel)
  • Rubbish on hikes
  • Townsville, Queensland

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