New Zealand


 Why is the kiwi famous?kiwi

 That’s a darn good question considering it’s a rodent! We can also add flightless, nocturnal, and likes to burrow in leaves. Give credit to the promoters of New Zealand as they have done a great job, if not better, than our compadres that coined New York – the Big Apple. Take the kiwi fruit, for example, which originated in China but has been renamed for New Zealand. Kudos to the Kiwis as everyone seems to love the place even when it rains like England and you’re surrounded by sheep looking at huge deforestation tracks up windy mountain sides. They are the marketing gurus of the world!

Who is Ray White?ray

The most common realtor that you see everywhere in New Zealand / Australia began as a family owned business in Crows Nest, Queensland back in 1902. From this meager beginning, the firm has grown to do more than $25 billion in sales this past year. Still can’t find anything about the real Ray however; maybe he is related to Original Ray’s Pizza in New York!

How did they become the All Blacks?

If you never heard of them, the All Blacks are New Zealand’s rugby team. The best in the world hands down. For comparison, they are like China’s ping-pong team for rugby. Anyway, the original name, Maorilanders, was after the natives that still dominate the game. One day many years ago, the team donned a black jersey with a silver fern leaf  and became known as the Blacks (thanks to British press).all blacksfern
They have never looked back! On a closing note, the All Blacks perform before each match their famous and intimidating “haka” Worth watching – HAKA Link

 The Mighty Kauri Tree kauri

Yet another Kiwi symbol but the Kauri can stand on its own heritage that dates back 135 million years. The oldest living is 2,000 years old and the thickest is 4½ meters in diameter. Hubba! These guys are the All Blacks of trees – haka! 

New Zealand flag           NZ flag

It relates to the British Union Jack but there are a few unique parts to it including:
  • The Southern Cross constellation emphasizes its  Southern Hemisphere location (star gazing is cool down under).
  • And, the flag only became what it is today in 1902 – maybe Ray White had something to do with it? HaHaRay! But seriously, it was changed during the South African War – go figure.

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