Since we only stayed in country 5 nights, this is our brief rundown of highlights:

Angkor Wat Life

We cannot not list the famoso Angkor Wat – it is amazing and the stories it shares are too. We also loved finding smaller, less crowded wats to simply soak in the experience. The size and scope is simply amazing and you don’t know until you go!

Highlights                           Lowlights

↑ Mie Cafe great restaurant on final night           ↓ Crowds of tourists (I mean insane crowds – mostly Chinese and Korean)

↑ Shining Angkor Boutique internet and pool!   ↓ Crazy city nightlife aka Spring Break partying meh!

↑ Big Purchase – we bought a log                           ↓ Leti worries log won’t be shipped home (it did arrive safely)

↑ Gigi Brasil! – Muito bem Brazilian food!           ↓ Bus ride out of town to Bangkok was a rough rider

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