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From NSW to Queensland

Tomorrow we wrap up our first 2 weeks in New South Wales and head to Cairns, in Queensland.  Looking back it feels that we have been in Australia a lot longer, yet we already feel that we will miss it.  The last week in Sydney was a lot of fun. We spent a true “carioca” day at Bronte beach. I call it a carioca day because it felt just like the warm days of going to the beach in Rio. Bronte was certainly our favorite city beach, it had the crowds but there were a lot more families laying around.  And we had 3 options on where to swim:  jump in the ocean, dive into the natural ocean pools, and the salt-water swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Surfers, lots of surfers around, and a mix of beautiful people, families, kids, tourists, all blending in together. Not even the chilly Pacific Ocean water deterred us from jumping in, it was a perfectly warm day after all. I chatted with a Brazilian guy playing with his son of how wonderful it must be to live in Sydney. In his own words: “É o melhor lugar do mundo. A Australia é um Brasil que deu certo.” Interesting!  The following day we headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens, which is to the right to the Opera House overlooking the Sydney Harbour. We brought a picnic and had a relaxing time walking around the beautiful gardens (free entry!), enjoying the fantastic views and checking out an afternoon wedding party at the gardens.  Sydney residents are fortunate to have the Royal Botanic Gardens right on their backyard.


Royal Botanic Gardens


View from the Botanic Gardens




Happy Family, Gorgeous View

We decided as a family that on Monday we would split up and Sebastian and I would have a mommy-son day. We researched some activities a few days before and decided on 2 attractions. Took the bus in the morning to Sydney CBD to do the Escape Hunt Experience, which is a new attraction that started only 2 months ago in Sydney.  I had a blast with my boy as we tried to solve a robbery in less than 90 min through various clues and codes. In the afternoon, we went to the Sydney Aquarium,  on Darling Harbour. The Aquarium has a nice sample of the marine life from the Sydney Harbour and the Great Barrier Reef.  We all met at home at the end of the day to share our adventures and agreed that it was a nice family break. Look forward to trying it again in another city, next time it will be a mommy-daughter day.


Mommy-Son day at Escape Hunt

We spent Tuesday with our wonderful airbnb hostess and new friend Sue as she took us to Watson’s Bay, which is a ferry ride from CBD. Watson’s Bay is a fishermen town where we had a delicious lunch: fish and chips and seafood chowder. We then headed to Shark Beach, on Nielsen Park, where we all went in the bay for a swim. The water was warmer than the ocean and the beach has a net to protect against sharks (!).  I am not kidding!  Sue made a delicious farewell dinner for us and the 4 of us know that we now have a good friend in Sydney. We enjoyed her house and playing with her dog Bronte. We will certainly miss Sydney and Sue!


With Sue, at Watson’s Bay


Sue’s home