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Landed in San Francisco

Our final farewells to Florida were this past weekend. Our daughter, Louisa, wished for an early birthday celebration so we threw a surprise party that completely shocked her; friends gave her photos to hold onto for her travels. So sweet and that is what friendship is all about. We already miss our friends and saved champagne to celebrate our return in June.

While I wish for smooth sailing, of course it was not to be. We stuffed our bags late into the night for a 5am ride to the airport. We knew right away that we had a problem. On the positive side, Sebastian and Louisa are fine with their packs – great job kids! The bad news is the parents that don’t practice what they preach; ugh, our stuff is too much and too heavy. To give you an idea, the handle on Leticia’s carry on broke as soon as we boarded the plane. We will correct this in San Francisco when we get our bags. Problem #2: AA forgot our bags along with 35 other passengers on the nonstop flight from Miami! Let’s hope that this is a one-time experience.

Nonetheless, we arrived safely in San Francisco and I have to say, we are already feeling like seasoned travelers thanks to the bumps. We have a week to regroup, say hellos and goodbyes to family and friends in California. Leticia is finalizing the tech side of travels like phones and computers; the funny part is that AT&T (phone) and Comcast (internet) are awful here – knock on wood for the future!



Tonight we started to pack. I made a list of things for each of the kids and let them choose the clothes they want to bring. Both are very excited and reminded me that we may need rain gear (argh). The kids backpacks are full but still managed to have some space for extras. My backpack is pretty full and heavy, I have a feeling I will have to re-evaluate some of the clothes I’m bringing, and still missing our medicine kit and toiletries. Chris has yet to pack anything but keeps warning to “keep it light!”