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ESCAPÉ! *voice of Dory from Nemo*

Once in a Galaxy far, far away….

There is a place called Escape…

*pushes fast forward button*

So Escape is similar to a place PlanetAir. It is mainly an outdoor ropes course kind of place. We went there with my Dad’s friend Onn, it was really fun! Here is a list of all the thing/rides we did. Then I will tell you about what it was like.

  1. Flying Lemur (Very fun! Mom almost wet her pants)
  2. Trapeze (Mom kept yelling Noooo!)
  3. Awesome Rock climbing
  4. Sledding with tubes
  5. Monkey business

Flying Lemur description: The Flying Lemur is a ride when you are partnered up with another person and someone paddles you up very high on a bike. Once you get really high you pull a rope next to you and you free fall and swing really fast with lots of adrenaline.


Trapeze description: You climb up a ladder and go on a platform. They hand you a bar that is connected to some ropes. They tell you to jump off and you swing. A man down on the ground tells you to swing your legs up and hook them to the bars so you are dangling by your feet. Then they tell you to flip off the bar and you fall easily on the net.


Awesome Rock climbing description: There is a wooden tower with things like tires, fake windows, fake air conditioning systems, holes you latch onto, and more! You climb to the top as fast as you can and hit the button at the top which is the time you completed it. The guy that worked there could do it in 6 seconds! I did it in 20 seconds.

rock climbing

rock climbing

Sledding description: You pull your tube up a steep hill and slide down the hill really fast! It is really not worth it if you are tired from the other things you did (I guarantee you will be if you did it in our order)

Monkey Business description: It is a ropes course with ziplining, rope ladders, and much more! It contains 3 levels; the higher the level the harder it gets!

Onn taking on level 3 of Monkey Business!

Onn taking on level 3 of Monkey Business!





Mom on the trapeze


Coconut Tree Climbing


So True!