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Goodbye Monkey House, for now…

We are officially out of our Monkey House and were fortunate to find a nice couple to rent it for the year. Even though it felt a bit strange to walk through with them showing all the things we left behind in the house and how it all works, it also felt that we are officially starting our adventure as we leave behind our “normal” lives. We will still be in Florida for another 6 days staying at Casa del Sol, the small inn our good friends Ed & Ona own in Fort Lauderdale. We are thankful for the great friends we have in Florida who have been so generous in helping us find good tenants, inviting us to several barbecues and dinner parties, and providing  much needed support and cheering as we begin our trip.



Tonight we started to pack. I made a list of things for each of the kids and let them choose the clothes they want to bring. Both are very excited and reminded me that we may need rain gear (argh). The kids backpacks are full but still managed to have some space for extras. My backpack is pretty full and heavy, I have a feeling I will have to re-evaluate some of the clothes I’m bringing, and still missing our medicine kit and toiletries. Chris has yet to pack anything but keeps warning to “keep it light!”