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This past month, I went to Camp Dudley at Kiniya for my fourth year. Camp Dudley is simply the boys camp on the NY side of Lake Champlain, and Camp Kiniya is the girls camp on the VT side of Lake Champlain. During these four week periods, we learn so much, especially from our motto, “The Other Fellow First”. We are taught to ‘not count the days, to make the days count’ and to cherish every moment, because these magical twenty-six days only happen once every year.

As I already said, this year was my fourth year back at Camp Kiniya which means at the end of the session, I would receive my kiwi disc. A kiwi disc is a small round charm and it is engraved with Kiniya. On the back side it says ‘Kiwi’, the year you became a kiwi ‘2015’, and your camp number ‘#22737’.


Kiwi Discs

This year I was in the senior division in cabin Schmidt, named after Willie Schmidt who was one of the Camp Dudley directors. I met an exorbitant amount of new friends and reunited with so many of my past camp friends. My best friend from camp, Rose, who lives in Minnesota, for fourth year in a row, we were in the same cabin! My majors this year were climbing and studio art which I learned so much in! Now I am obsessed with climbing.

The Kiniya cheer goes a little something like this…

05446! Morning dips, HEY! Kiwi Discs! Saaaaaay, Kinyia! Rise and shine, MEET out in the pines! Cross many miles see the smiles! Girls, to waterskii, riding WHOO! White and blue forever true! Dudley, at Kiniya! TAPSSS…

A Kiniya Day

We wake up to a nice and chilly Vermont morning, get dressed, and head over to the dining hall. After a delicious breakfast, we race back to our cabin to do our inspection jobs. Inspection jobs can vary from being a waitress at meals, sweeping, positivity patrol, neat police, trash, and bathroom patrol. Once the cabin is ready for inspection, we divide into our majors – either our individual majors or arts majors. After a fun hour of majors, we have team competition which is basically playing other teams at different sports. Soon after, we head back to the dining hall for lunch and then rest hour. Rest hour is simply an hour in our cabins of resting. This is the time to write letters, make friendship bracelets, read a book, and even take a nap! After a nice rest hour, we have team activity which is our team, going to different places together such as the waterfront or arts and crafts. Then comes our final meal of the day. The day of the week determines what we will be doing for evening activity after dinner. This includes all-camp games,  Wednesday and Saturday Night Shows, Hymn Sing, and Council Ring. After the fun and games, we come back to our cabins ‘and reflect on the day together during evening Vespers.’


  • Founded in 1919 by Helen Van Buren
  • Campers per session- 155
  • Number of cabins- 16
  • Minimum to maximum age as a camper- 9 1/2 until 15 years old.

Vermont Sunset

Cabin Schmidt2

My cabin- Schmidt

HoustonRobot PaddleBoard  WindBlows

New Zealand

My initial reaction to the idea of going around the world wasn’t very pretty. I cried. I was not happy about it and I was going to miss everyone and everything. But now, I’m loving it and having so much fun! Yes, I still do miss all my friends, my family, and our Monkey house, but I’ve already had some awesome experiences. I’m staying in an R.V. driving around New Zealand. Right now I’m staying in a campground northwest of Auckland that has trampolines and a zip line. Last night I went on a search for kiwi’s which are a furry, flightless bird that is the national animal in New Zealand; we didn’t find one but heard a male kiwi calling a female with very high pitched screams! We heard nothing after his call which means the female doesn’t want him to mate. We saw possums and one with a baby on its mom’s back; they were fluffy and looked nice enough to pet (but I didn’t!). I also saw glowing larvae that looks like blue stars on the trees and we saw huge fat trees called the Kauri which is similar to the California Redwoods but for New Zealand. We plan to go hug the biggest in the country tomorrow which is more than 3 people with their arms spread out.

The flight from Miami to San Francisco, from San Francisco to Honolulu, and from Honolulu to Auckland was soooooo long! The first flight wasn’t the longest nor the second. But it was the last flight that felt like you were on an airplane for a week! It was really 10 hours which doesn’t seem long at all, but trust me! It is! I was so happy when we could finally get out of that stinky place! But the good news is that I didn’t feel any jet lag thanks to the “sugar”pills that Aunt Courtney gave to us!