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Perth (period).

Our Perth visit should stop right here because we really didn’t see anything except the neighborhood of Victoria Park, where our Airbnb was located. Other than that, it was a week of studies and exams for the kids to wrap up their school term before Christmas break.

Our Airbnb was an interesting place – the cleanest accommodation thus far and a large 5 BR home that belongs to a Filipino/Scottish couple. We felt like we were living a “Big Brother” TV show. Michelle, the hostess, had a Holiday Party one night and it was quite fun to meet some locals as well as other guests from her different houses in Perth. There was a mixture of single, married, gay, and even cross gender to match with a variety of professions including movie producer, miners, Iranian immigrants, and us (a family)! After our week, we felt right at home with everyone and made some good friendships.

Victoria Park (like ours in Fort Lauderdale) has a nice local library, several local farmers markets and diverse restaurants that we enjoyed in the neighborhood. We also stocked up on some books at a cute little bookstore called Crow’s. Our farewell dinner celebration of 2 months in Australia included a nice bottle of red champagne from Barossa with pizza and chicken parm at the appropriately named Sebastian’s. We happily put together our top 10 list (to be shared soon) over dinner and recounted what a truly wonderful time we had in Australia. We bid farewell to Australia on December 16th flying to Bali but we will be back!


Farewell Dinner at Sebastian’s


Our last bottle of Australian wine