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Birthday Recap

I noticed that I have not given the world a thorough read of my birthday last month. Lets start with the fact that I turned 14 on March 16th in Vang Vieng, Laos which is north of Vientiane (the capital). VV is known as an outdoors activity town where there are a bunch of really fun things to do – perfect place to celebrate if you ask me.

The first order of the day was that I allowed my family to sleep in until 10 (I am the birthday boy so rule the family)! We decided on a place for breakfast that my parents like because of the coffee; I didn’t mind because I chose a special spot for dinner. After breakie, we went back to our rooms to get ready for the activities planned for the day.

First stop ZIPLINING!!!! The zip lining was loads of fun! We were flying through the air like a monkey and bird combined in one. Spoiler Alert: at the end they did a long zip-line and pulled the ropes up and down so that you were bouncing as you flew down to the base camp. I’ve done zip lines before and this one ranks up there with the best.


After that there is a water cave where you go into a pitch-black cave on inner tubes. They have ropes that you hold onto so that you don’t drift off into the darkness and luckily they give you head lamps to see (my dad’s did not work!). I remember humming to myself the batman song as we pulled ourselves deeper into the cave. It took about 10 minutes or so going into it and we went as fast as we could to get out because there were 20 Korean tourists coming in (No Photos unfortunately).

After the zip line and cave adventure, we headed back to town to Smile Beach which has a bar for fruit shakes and hammocks to chill out. The river has rapids there and it’s fun to wade in the water on tubes but even more fun when you splash the other tubers coming down the river! I was a big surprise to quite a few people that got wet coming by our beach! We stayed until sunset and then we went to my birthday dinner. I wanted to have Mexican and the good news is that VV has a really good Mexican spot. We shared french fry nachos which is like regular nachos except with fries instead of chips – yum! I ordered an enchilada that filled me up. We walked back to the hotel after a hearty meal and went to bed quite easily after a great day of fun. One that I will never forget!


I splashed the guide!!!

I splashed the guide!!!