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Bronte & Bondi Beach

Today we walked a lot. We walked from the house in Randwick to Bronte beach and from Bronte beach to Bondi. Along the way there were many interesting sculptures by the ocean called Sculpture By The Sea. One of my favorite sculptures was a variety of colored strings from both sides gathered together in the middle with a clear pole. Another of my favorites was this colorful chair with a kings crown attached to it. This chair and crown were made of all sorts of things from spoons and toothbrushes to lego bricks and plastic child toys. And lastly, there was a selfie sculpture. I’m not the hugest fan of selfies but this one was pretty radical. It was a clear box and you stepped in and take a bunch of selfies. There were very many cool sculptures and I enjoyed this very much.

The beaches itself were beautiful too. There was just a tiny problem: The water is FREEZING cold! I laid my foot in the water and it felt frozen. It probably wasn’t actually that bad, but I’m from Florida and I swim in WARM water. If it wasn’t that cold, then I think I would have enjoyed it a little more because there were lots of cool little swimming areas around the ocean.

Afterwards, Sebastian and I got to eat ice cream! We went to a Ben & Jerry’s; my favorite ice cream spot. I got the new flavor, peanut butter pretzel batter. It was delicious as I am a peanut butter fanatic! Sebastian had chocolate therapy. That was the name of the ice cream and it was like love at first sight for Sebastian. Mommy got a passion fruit gelato next door. Mmmmmm.


Bronte Beach


Colorful String Sculpture


Kings Chair Sculpture


Selfie Booth Sculture

Hello Sydney!

Nothing like arriving in Sydney with sunshine and warm weather!  After smoothly going through immigration and customs, we took a taxi to the place we rented on airbnb, located in Randwick, just south of the famous Bondi beach. It is an old federation home with 3 bedrooms, beautiful hardwood floors and detailed ceiling throughout the house, very charming. Sue, the proprietor, has the master bedroom and is a delightful hostess. She immediately made us feel at home. Randwick is a fun neighborhood with tons of great restaurants nearby, not to mention the food markets.  We made a yummy veggie lasagna on our first night in Sydney. Great start to our 10 days here!

We took a long walk the following day through Centennial Park, which is close to Randwick. Impressive to see so many locals running and working out throughout the city. At night, we went to Hyde Park, where the Night Noodles Market is happening until the 26th. There were about 50 different food stalls to choose from, all kinds of asian dishes, we were in heaven. Both kids are asking to go back there one more night before it is over as they loved the food.

We visited the Opera House and Sydney Harbour today to see the famous landmarks. It was a fantastic day and the Opera House has really an amazing architecture surrounded by a beautiful landscape. We walked to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and crossed all the way to the other side, in Kirribilli, and back.

Sydney is really an amazing city with all the must-have items we like in an urban setting:  beach-check, culture-check, museums-check, warm weather-check, beautiful nature-check, diverse food-check, friendly people-check, good public transportation-check, parks-check, bike and dog friendly-check. Yep, I could easily live here!


Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sydney Opera House


View from Kirribilli